Cancer Survivors on the
Fashion Runway of Hope

Bringing Cancer Awareness Nationwide through Fashion, Food, and Fun.

Mens Health Cancer Awareness

Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

Survivors Victory Runway Walk

Beating the Trials of Cancer with Great Fashions, Food & Fun

With fashion, our mission is to bring awareness to the community of the importance of early cancer detection and how it can prolong and save lives.
Being diagnosed with cancer can bring down one's self-esteem or destroy one's outlook on life.
Your attitude plays an important part in the healing process. Educating yourself and others will be your first line of defense, the fighting attitude will follow.
Fashions for the Cure’s goal is to encourage cancer survivors by being apart of their journey during and after their winning the battle of cancer. We want to celebrate with you your milestones together as a supportive team effort at our annual event in October as we walk the fashion runway of hope and encouragement.
Fashions for the Cure host up to 5 annual events per year. We invite the public, our family, friends, and coworkers to join us and cheer us on.